The Fuel Card Company


As more and more businesses become aware of the need to reduce CO2 emissions they are faced with the complexity of calculating their emissions, and cutting them where possible, and then knowing what to do about the balance. Vehicle emissions are a particular problem across the UK – increasing by 26% between 2000 and 2015.

EcoPoint is a simple way to help reduce a company’s carbon footprint - it works by adding a small monthly payment to each card a business operates. 

​Partnering with Forest Carbon, contributions go towards new forestry and woodland projects that will capture CO2 through the planting and management of hundreds of thousands of trees over the next few years. The projects are independently certified, giving peace of mind about their quality, and there’s the added comfort of knowing that forests do so much more for the environment than simply capturing CO2.


The Fuel Card Company at Shallgreen

This project consists of two areas of new native woodland and is the second phase of the woodland creation programme at this site. The plantings will become permanent, non-intervention woodlands and will provide a significantly improved landscape and habitat for biodiversity.The project will undergo validation under the UK Woodland Carbon Code.  read more...
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