Marks & Spencer at Carronfoot - Customer delivery emissions

M&S has carbon capture woodlands at four small sites on the Buccleuch Queesberry estate, all within a 3 mile radius. These woods will not be felled, and each site includes, in addition, 20% of the area as open ground. Public access to the sites is guaranteed. Planting was completed in April 2006. Below are site locations and site sizes.

Merkland 1.52 hectares, grid reference NX815995
Carronfoot Riverbank 3.43  hectares, grid reference NX864981
Auchenhessane 2.76 hectares, grid reference NX805977
Holm of Drumlanrig 1.54 hectares, grid reference NX827993

This is a planting of native woodland and is not a commercial plantation. It can be expected to reach a state of dynamic equilibrium - moving from being a sink to becoming a permanent reservoir - after approximately 60 years of growth. Management objectives are: establishing mixed native woodlands, improving landscape, creating wildlife habitat and offering social benefits.


Validated under the Woodland Carbon Code.



Project additional benefits:

  • community
  • wildlife
  • Trees planted:

  • 14,800 over 9.25 hectares
  • When:

  • Autumn 2006
  • Predicted CO2 capture:

  • 5,490 tonnes over 100 years
  • Species mix:

  • Oak, Ash, Alder, Willow, Rowan