Kier Living at Holmeshead

The new woodland at Holmeshead will be a productive oak stand, but with 70% of the planting made up of a permanent element of other broadleaves. The oaks will be selectively thinned leaving a high quality remnant. The site is close to Ambleside and is situated alongside an un-numbered road that runs from the B5286 and past the Drunken Duck Inn. There is a public right of way along its southern boundary.

With the UK now being the world's second largest net importer of timber productive woodlands such as this will have an increasingly important role in ensuring the country has its own supply of sustainable timber. 

Project additional benefits:

  • wildlife
  • Trees planted:

  • 21,850 over 10.29 hectares
  • When:

  • 2017
  • Predicted CO2 capture:

  • 2,343 tonnes over 60 years
  • Species mix:

  • Birch, Cherry, Hazel, Holly, Oak, Rowan