Great Chalfield Manor

Great Chalfield Manor is a National Trust property near Melksham, in Wiltshire - the first of many, we hope, in partnership with the Trust. Not only will the woodland capture carbon dioxide, it will also enhance the wildlife corridor along the Chalfield brook using less productive north facing arable land.

The long term management plan for the woodland is that it be sustainably managed to ensure both a permanent carbon reservoir, and a supply of oak timber for any long term repairs to the 15th Century manor and outbuildings.


Validated under the Woodland Carbon Code.

Project additional benefits:

  • community
  • wildlife
  • productive
  • Trees planted:

  • 2,915 over 2.25 hectares
  • When:

  • Winter 2012/3
  • Predicted CO2 capture:

  • 689 tonnes
  • Species mix:

  • Ash 35%, Beech 20%, Oak 20%, other broadleaves 25%