Barr Farm

With the support of BWOC the owners of Barr Farm have converted some land to native woodland in order to provide social and environmental benefits. 

The woodlands will offer opportunities for access and nature study, and in addition its position in an extensive agricultural landscape will provide visual contrast, colour, scale and texture. The woodlands will be open to public access in accordance with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and will provide recreational opportunities.

The woodland consists of native upland mixed Ash woodland. Native woodland has considerable ecological benefits and helps conserve rare species. The woodlands through time will support an increasing range of animals and plants, gaining ecological capital. They will also assist in soil conservation and water course protection, because the exclusion of farm stock will reduce stream side poaching and diffuse pollution effects.

The woodlands will improve local biodiversity by either extending and/or creating a range of habitats for animals and plants.



Validated under the Woodland Carbon Code.

Project additional benefits:

  • community
  • wildlife
  • water quality
  • Trees planted:

  • 18,000
  • When:

  • Spring 2011
  • Predicted CO2 capture:

  • 4,185 tonnes
  • Species mix:

  • Ash 26%, Birch 16%, Rowan 16%, Oak 14%, Hazel 9%, Hawthorn 9%, Alder 5%, Cherry 5%